Our "Cooking with Dad" classes are one of our most favorite programs that we offer! 

This is for several reasons:


1) As with all of our events we encourage quality bonding time. This class keeps parent and child in tune and focused on each other as they create that day's menu masterpieces. 


2) The class provides educational nutrition information for both parent and child. Healthy choices are explained and sample recipes are given out to be brought home.


3) Along with knowledge of learning how to cook, confidence in the kitchen is gained as well. Parents become better equipped to make snacks, meals and children's lunches for school. Many dads love to cook and this just expands their cooking arsenal at home benefiting the whole family. 


4) These classes are fun..! Most classes revolve around a special time of year including Easter, Halloween, Christmas and Mother's day! A warm meal is prepared to eat in class and a desert is made to take home and enjoy. 


A great time is had by all as Dads get to spend time with their children and also interact with other Dads. Being amongst your peers always adds a certain comfort to the event and many friendships have been formed by the children and Fathers in these classes.


*** As with most of our events Mom is always welcomed to attend as long as Dad or other male parental figure is in attendance. (Exceptions can be made if necessary.)